7XL Poker

7xl poker

Introduction to 7xl – How was it born and why is it considered as such?

So this is actually 7xl poker? The most powerful and expert interface that exists in the world of online poker games!


An alternative that has gotten better than the “real” world is the real online poker experience via computer (we’ll get to that soon).

7XL came to the world in 2016 shortly after stopping the possibility for Israeli players to play Poker Stars.

Immediately, the new platform “took control of the Israeli and global market and no one knows about it!


How is the 7XL POKER interface?

There is no doubt that a lot has been invested in the 7XL interface and it is very evident to all players!


No matter who you compare to the Poker Stars interface and Party Poker 7 Excel takes you on the go you can play through a 7xl agent


Tables as in reality! A true casino atmosphere and uncompromising quality poker experience!


There are also some really cool features for those who really want to understand the game correctly:


Rabbit Hunting Feature: If you fold your hand, you can see what cards you get.


You can also see the stack size of the big blind you should have loaded (perhaps one of the strongest things for tournament players as well as regular matches …)



Who owns 7xl? Is it an Israeli platform?

The 7xl site belongs to the Asian network that features some of the greatest players in the world as an example host: Daniel Negrano among the greatest players in circulation!


So is Brin Kenny, who took the top spot for the most wins in live poker tournaments, is also a host of 7 excel. Recently, actor Dan Basilian also joined the 7 Excel site as a presenter (a true celebration of all the stars).


What games are available on the 7XL network?

  • Tournaments – 7 Excel has a very large selection of tournaments and several Bay Inn options. Rebuy tournaments and Bounty tournaments (each with their own preference) At 7 Excel there is space for each player and everyone will find exactly what they are looking for …
  • SPIN & GOLD – A fast paced tournament with only three players and small stacks – most of the time the winner will win the whole pot and fast. You can enter between $ 1-50 and the game is like this: there is a spinning wheel that sets the height of the prize when the highest is 12.00 times the stake amount you have invested (excited but not too much because happens only once in a million spins).
  • Cash Games – Of course all reputable poker sites should have cash games here, limits are in the $ 0.05 range, of course there are serious bets between us with limits of $ 50 and $ 100, usually 2 -5 times the investment amount …
  • GG Masters Tournament – The craziest 7th Excel tournament ever, enter for $ 150 with a total guaranteed prize pool of half a million dollars.


How high is the 7XL level of poker and who is it suitable for?

It is worth understanding that 7 Excel is suitable for all skill levels, from the worst poker player to the most professional in the business!

There are endless tables and types of games at different levels so that everyone finds the best seat and can win a lot of money.

Initially, GG Network targeted the platform for novice gamers, which is why the interface is so clear and convenient, from the colors to its tracking software (of course, it’s limited but still provides data). If you already have tracking software, please note that using the tracking software in the game is strictly prohibited.


Why play 7xl poker? What are the benefits?

There are some parameters that make 7xl a place worth playing!


  • Unique interface – everything is built in the most comfortable, colorful and fun way and gives the feel of a real poker table.
  • Variety of game options – One of the highlights is the variety of games, there are also many cash games and tournaments at every level and for every player.
  • Bonuses – There are some bonuses that change every month that the site offers or alternatively a plan to return the commissions (Fish Buffet) after the number of hands played will be withdrawn an amount of money as a bonus that will go directly into your account .
  • Hours of Play – Since the game is global at any time of the day, you can find active tables and tournaments and play whenever you want.
  • Registration for 7xl – very simple registration After entering a username and password, you can contact our agent to make a deposit and also withdraw money 24 hours a day.
  • Features – Stradel, Rabbit Hunting, Big Blind Stack Calculation and a variety of other features that will help you a lot.