jemdoc – tables

jemdoc includes preliminary support for tables.

Table syntax
first entry  | another entry ||
as many rows | as you like   ||
bottom row   | last entry

TABLENAME should either be replaced with a name — which becomes the table's css id — or be omitted.


  • There is no need to line up the | symbols. Extra whitespace is ignored.

  • The last row does not need a terminating ||.

  • Individual tables can be customised by replacing TABLENAME with a unique name, and using custom css. For example, within a css file, #countries { background: gray; } will make the background of the countries table gray.

  • Rows in a table are numbered sequentially for easy formatting with css. For example, to make the entries in the first row of a table called countries bold, use #countries tr.r1 { font-weight: bold; }.


country population people per square km
Canada 33 million 3.2
1300 million 140
Kingdom of Denmark 5.5 million 130
New Zealand 4.3 million 15
United States of America 300 million 31